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Warm Tortilla Chips

Pico de gallo/ Guacamole



Newfoundland Cod Cakes 

family recipe served with caper mayo


Cauliflower Wings 

asian sauce/ burnt onion cream/ sesame



Chicken Wings

Choice of buffalo/ S&P/ asian/ maple chili/ BBQ/ teriyaki 



East Coast App Platter

cod cakes/ newfie fries/ breaded scallops/ beer battered cod 


Soups & Salads 


Seafood Chowder

salmon/ cod/ scallops

Half $10 / Full $15


Caesar Salad 

candied bacon/ parmesan cheese/ house croutons

Side $7.50/ Half $15/  Full $20


Cobb Salad 

artisanal greens/ candied bacon/ boursin/ avocado/ egg/ chicken breast/ dijon vinaigrette

 Half $20 // Full $26 


Heirloom Salad 

Cherry tomatoes/ bocconcini/ popping fruit boba/ beets/ carrots/ honey vinaigrette

Side $7.50/ Half/ $13/ Full $18

Add Chicken  or Tofu $7

Add Salmon $10



Crispy Fish

battered cod/ mango cilantro slaw/ caper mayo/ greens/ mini sweet peppers/ jalapenos/ cherry tomatoes



Chicken Club

chicken/ candied bacon/ chipotle lime mayo/ greens/ mini sweet peppers/ jalapenos/ cherry tomatoes



BBQ Jackfruit 

jackfruit/ sriracha aioli/ crispy onions/ greens



Pulled Pork ‘Birria’ Tacos 

pulled pork/ cheddar/ chimichurri/ pork drippings, served with fries or salad




Teriyaki Bowls

choice of


served with rice/seasonal veg/ edamame/ pickled ginger




salmon filet/ couscous tabbouleh/ feta



Mac Cheese & Sausage

3 cheese mac/ seed to sausage sausage/ brown butter bread crumb



Fish & Chips

Beer battered cod/ herbed fries/ coleslaw

1 piece $18 // 2 piece $25



All Served with choice of Fries or Salad  (upgrade to chowder, sweet potato fries, poutine or newfie fries)


Hamre Burger

triple a chuck/ candied bacon/ guacamole/ smoked white cheddar/ lettuce/ tomato 




house bread/ candied bacon/ greens/ tomato/ mayo



BBQ Chicken Burger 

grilled chicken/ BBQ sauce/ mayo/ avocado/ spinach  



Candied Bacon Cheeseburger 

triple a chuck/cheddar cheese/ candied bacon/ house pickles/ lettuce/ tomato



East Coast Donair 

triple a chuck/ pita/ pickled onions/ jalapenos/ veg/ donair sauce



Crispy Fish Burger

battered cod/ caper mayo/ coleslaw


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